Molly Bird, B.S. Exercise Physiology, SFG II, NASM CES, RYT 200, USAPL Coach

Strength Training

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

Molly Bird, B.S. Exercise Physiology, SFG II, NASM CES, RYT 200, USAPL Coach

Strength ~ Tumbling ~ Yoga

Tumbling & Youth Strength


Our mission is to train athletes to be strong, healthy, well-rounded, conditioned, kind and positive leaders.  We all know that kids (and adults) are sitting far too much and in need of an energy release.  We want to provide an environment for kids of all ages to learn, play, explore and take risks in a safe place.  We offer classes to Youth ages 1-18 years, with private lessons available upon request.  

Classes include Tumbling, Tiny Athlete, Parent/Tot, Youth Strength, Cheer & Open Tumble.  

Specialty classes for Teams or groups available upon request.

In March, classes will run Monthly at 1414 E 23rd St.  

For information on schedule and cost, contact Molly Bird 402-719-6488

Strength Training


Strength Training sessions revolve around proper technique using tools such as Kettlebells, barbells, parallettes, battling rope, TRX, etc. . .  but some of the most difficult skills require only your own body (pullups, pistols, hanging leg raises, bridge, handstand, floating lunges, etc.)  Some events we train for include Strong First's Tactical Strength Challenge, USAPL Powerlifting Meets, Mud Runs and life.  Our philosophy is; Whether you train for a sport, event, hobby or just life - build a foundation based on strength and quality of movement.

Fall Strength Schedule:

Monday 6:30-7:30 PM

Tuesday/Thursday 9:45-10:30 AM

Friday 5:45-6:45 Kettlebell at Motivera 360 in Elkhorn

Saturday 10:15-11 AM Strength at Jazzercise



Yoga is an extension of bodyweight training, combining intentional movement with breathing.  My Simply Strong Flow classes are challenging, light-hearted and fun.  It's a balance of effort and rest that will leave your mind and body feeling refreshed and ready to tackle life's challenges.  To be a well-rounded, healthy individual we need stress release and stretching (Yin) just as much as we need movement and exercise (Yang).  Practice both in these classes while learning to use your breath as a tool for strength and relaxation.  

Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm at Jazzercise

BYOB Yoga Night - Jan 31st 6-7:30 PM

Available for on-site coorporate classes

BYOB Yoga Night

at Jazzercise (Fremont NE)

Thursday, Jan 31st

6-7:30pm, $15

Please RSVP to 402-719-6488 or

Molly Bird and Beth Krause host this popular monthly event as a great way to gather with friends for self-care.  It is a 90 minute event that is light-hearted, relaxing and challenging.  We begin with social drinks for 15 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of movement, stretching, and balancing led my Molly.  We break for 15 minutes to refill and socialize and return to the mats for another half hour session led by Beth, that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.    


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Simply Strong

1840 N Bell St. Fremont NE 68025

(402) 719-6488